Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mark & Stacy in NYC!

A surprise trip to...?

The amazing view from the top of the Rockefeller Center. The observation deck is about 70 stories up. The first couple photos were taken with a true panoramic swing lens camera with a 180 degree field of view.

You can click on any of the photos to see them larger.

Central Park!

This is where we stayed for 7 days: The Desmond Tutu Center. It is a historic monastery that has been renovated into a chic hotel in the historic Chelsea district of Manhattan.

Pizza in the Bronx!!! Yum!

The Met.

A surprise outing for tea at the Ritz. It sits directly across the street from Central Park.

waiting patiently.

Yes, it's what you think it is :-)

A post engagement carriage ride in Central Park.

We walked by this bus stop billboard on the way to tea....Stacy made a comment about the beautiful rings, and little did she know she'd have the exact ring in less than an hour. We came back for photos several days later.

Photographer Rob Morris from Unveiled Wedding Photography was flown out to NY from San Diego as part of the next surprise. Rob, a native New Yorker, provided a two day engagement session and guided tour.

A few samples from the engagement session throughout several NY areas, starting at Truman Capote's house in Brooklyn where he penned "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

More sights around New York....

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Coney Island....

More sights....

The famous Bronx zoo......

More from Central Park:

Broadway show we caught on our last evening (and afterwards we had amazing pizza in Times Square).